Special Message 
Dr. Ranjana Kumari 
(Director )
While I sit down to write this message, I am thrilled to be writing it at the end of an exceptionally consequential and defining year for gender rights in India. The reforms we have been fighting for over three decades were formalized. The list is long- right from scraping of age old adultery law, law criminalizing homosexuality to ascertaining right to pray to women, ban on triple talaq, and coming together of women to voice their ordeals of sexual harassment. Every sphere was ablaze with voices of women. While these changes filled us with hope, we continued to fight for passage of Women Reservation Bill. Seeing the issue being at forefront of the national politics, each of the 30,000 signatures, 41 written confirmations from MLAs and direct interaction across 5 states seemed to be endeavors in correct direction.
As CSR has grown in experience and the impact it generates, its vision has matured and expanded. We aim to look at different problems plaguing India’s development trajectory with gendered lens. We believe not only in asserting and fighting for rights of women in India but also in capacitating them to lead an independent empowered life. I was filled with joy when there was a sex ratio reversal in the districts of Haryana, currently being covered by CSR under Beti Bachao Beti Padhao. Whenever I saw any of the female security guards trained by CSR being placed in a job and building an independent life, I see the dreams inspiring CSR being fulfilled. What could speak more of the holistic vision of CSR than the fact that many of these trained women were also survivors of domestic and sexual abuse? Members of my team reached out to and mobilised more than 1800 individuals and groups and provided counseling and legal aid to 130 women victims.
To address the unequal burden being faced by women due to climate change, our team has successfully reached more than 3000 individual in Rajasthan and trained more than 300 elected women representative to address the issues of water scarcity in Rajasthan. Gender sensitive training was one of our key focus areas. We held training at different levels, including colleges, government and international institutes, police departments, government ministries and many more. It shall be an overlook to not mention our focused project on creating a gender just policing in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh through our trainings and workshops.
Focusing on the power and challenges of social media, the team of CSR reached out to a large number of people, training them in strength of the social media, along with the need and ways of keeping oneself safe and generating awareness to make this a gender sensitive and safe platform. The team conducted more than 320 trainings around the nation. Our team interviewed more than 100 individual influencers who have made a dent with their social media activism. The high point of the journey was when the team got a chance to interview Jack Dorsey, CEO Twitter.
Looking ahead to the future, I see many challenges that still need to be addressed, increasing the relevance of our work as well as my dedication to the job. But looking at the team of young dedicated women and men in my organization I am assured that there can be no challenges that we shall not conquer. I look forward to the new year, and hope to continue to make changes to make a gender just society.
Saving India's Girl Child  SDG.5
Beti Bachao Beti Padhao : Youth Mobilization
Community Watch Group Establishment (CWG, Jhajjar)
Education Training and Skill Development of Women  SDG.4,5
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Women Security Guard Program
Role Of Women In Strengthening Democracy  SDG.5 
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Training Women Under the Water Conservation Program (Rajasthan)
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CSR - Vision and Mission
CSR India has been working with a firm belief in a gender just society. The organization initiated its operation with a firm belief in rights of women and a vision to put a stop to all the discriminatory practices against women and girls in India. Our fight has never been the war of sexes, rather we fight against the engrained patriarchy that has negative impact on wellbeing of both men and women. We try bringing to forefront the often normalized patriarchal practices disadvantaging non masculine.  Our mission is of a syncretic development with a strong gendered lens, wherein we can have an Indian society which is modernized on its own terms, taking every single citizen together in its path to progress, with gender equilibrium.
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