Women Security Guard Program Training

Trainees from Batch-1 at their Fire Extinguisher training.

Shabnam’s quote: “मेरा नाम शबनम है , मैं छत्तरपुर से आती हूँ। मैंने CSR से ट्रेनिंग ली थी फिर मैं अब SIS कंपनी मैं नौकरी कर रही हूँ। मुझे ट्रेनिंग करके बहुत अच्छा लगा , जिस चीज़ की मुझे नॉलेज नहीं थी वो सारी चीज़ें मुझे वहां सिखाया । मैंने नौकरी अपने और अपने बच्चो के भविष्य के लिए किया है। पहले मैं घर से भी नहीं निकलती थी, अब मुझमे ये बदलाव देख के आस पास के लोग बहुत प्रोत्साहित होते हैं” (My Name is Shabnam, I am from Chattarpur. I participated in the CSR training program and now I am working in SIS as a Women Security Guard. I really enjoyed the training; it helped me gain knowledge regarding new things. I decided to work for a better future for myself and my children. Before I did not even step out of the house and now even my neighbours are encouraged on seeing this change in me. )

-Mrs. Shabnam was our trainee from Batch-1. She is currently working as a Security Guard in Cyber City with SIS Security Agency.

In Collaboration with Honda Two Wheelers, we successfully launched our Women’s Security Guard Training Program in the Mini Secretariat, Gurugram on 11th October 2018. We commenced the first batch from October; the training was for 45 days; where the training is provided by professional ex-service men. At the completion of the course the women have received a certificate from Sector Skill Counsel (SSC) & Private Security Regulation Act (PSARA) 2005. Upon successfully completion the trainees also got placement opportunities with the Security Agency partners of Honda in Delhi and Gurugram. The team has conducted multiple mobilization drives in Delhi and Gurugram prior to the commencement of both the batch. As a Result, in early December we had commenced our second batch of training and we are currently preparing with mobilization strategies for the upcoming batches.

This program envisions the upliftment of the marginalized girls and women of Delhi NCR regions. We are particularly encouraging the ones who were not opportune to participate in the workforce due to lack of higher education, early marriage and other social barriers.

Batch-1 students at their Certification distribution Ceremony.

As a gender Organisation, we continuously propagate equal opportunity in all sectors. We wish to encourage women to realize their equal economic worth in the family and eventually accepting job in the non-traditional sectors. Through this program we have successfully enrolled and trained 47 women guards so far. Many of them had never stepped out of the homes alone. Some of them are survivors of Domestic Violence (DV) and Gender based Violence (GBV). Hence, this skill development program not only provides employment opportunities but also ensures confidence building and personality development of the trainees involved.

Trainee from Batch-2, jumping hurdles as part of their physical rountine
Batch-2 trainee bravely climbing the rope during her physical training