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Wajood signifies existence, the rediscovering of identities long suppressed in the rite of passage from a short-lived childhood to a lifetime of womanhood. Women are taught their place in the home and in the society by shaping their experiences right from birth. A spectrum of violence keeps these women in check from transgressing the limits of the identities assigned to them thereby ruling out any scope for women to dream, let alone chase them.

Project Wajood in collaboration with Population Services International addresses such Gender Based Violence (GBV), particularly Domestic Violence and Intimate Partner Violence, in Delhi/NCR through the provision and strengthening of support services such as psycho-social counseling, paralegal and paramedical support through Crisis Management Centres set up in local communities and creating a close referral circuit with community stakeholders such the Police, Health Care Practitioners, Lawyers, socio-political leaders and community women and men’s collectives in order to create an enabling environment for women to flourish.

Crisis Management Centres:

  1. Vasant Kunj
  2. Chattarpur
  3. Uttam Nagar

Activities Undertaken

  1. Psycho-social counseling of survivors of Domestic Violence
  2. Formation of Women’ Collectives and Men’s Collectives in local communities
  3. Gender Sensitisation Trainings with Police and Paramedics
  4. Community Interface Meetings with Stakeholders
  5. Information dissemination about the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005 and essential support services available in the local areas
  6. Advocacy on increased male engagement in the struggle for gender equity
  7. Advocacy regarding compulsory screening and referral of survivors of GBV by Doctors
Apart from the 3 Crisis Management Centres being run under Project Wajood, CSR has also established 2 such centres in New Usmanpur and Sangam Vihar.

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