Social Media Intern

Department: Media and Communications
Job Objectives:

  1. Content creation and posting on all social networking platforms
  2. Expanding the reach of content on all social media platforms as per set goals
  3. Conducting market research studies in the field of online behavior and online safety
  4. Presenting the data in form of power point presentations, and keeping a record of the same in a systematic manner
  5. Documentation of daily activities and overall progress of the organisation’s goals
  6. Coordination with other team members on a daily basis

Skills Required:

  1. Excellent knowledge of English ( written and Oral )
  2. Working knowledge of Microsoft office ( Word, Power Point , and Excel )
  3. Good presentation skills
  4. In depth knowledge of various social media platforms
  5. Knowledge of conducting search engine optimisation,Market research, Report writing and communication.
  6. Good coordination skills
  7. Willing to work in a 24x7 dynamic environment and always up on your toes


Annual Report

Repository of organization's activities since the year 1983. Reports and analysis of activities undertaken for women empowerment and social change.

Annual Report


Concise brochures of the organization's performance, on a quarterly basis.


Research Studies

Detailed research reports on Indian women's socio-cultural and legal complexities.



Copyrighted publication and books written by Dr. Ranjana Kumari, on the socio-cultural, political and legal problems of Indian women.


Second Wind

Social Surfing

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