Water Conservation and Climate Change Training Program

Intern will report to the Head of the Gender Training Institute (GTI) Division and the Project Coordinator of the specific project.

Duration: 3 months (minimum) which is May to July.
Nationality: Indian
Qualification / Requirements :

  1. Interns should be current or recently graduated Masters Student with understanding on gender, environment issues, social work, social science, sociology, political science and development studies.
  • Should be well versed with both written and spoken Hindi and English.
  • Requirement:
    1. Collection of available data on water conservation and climate change to formulate a questionnaire for needs assessment.
    2. Support the team for compiling the reports of the findings from the needs assessment.
    3. Support the team in formulating a comprehensive broucher /IEC material for the trainings to be conducted on the said theme.
    4. Help the team in designing a training structure based on the needs assessment report.
    5. Should be willing to travel with the Project team if required.

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