Fundraising Intern

The Centre for Social Research seeks an intern to support the development of an individual fundraising program and corporate fundraising strategy and outreach.

The person in this role will be responsible for drafting and designing marketing and communication material to support fundraising efforts, with an emphasis on tailoring messaging to new audiences (individuals and corporates). This person will help design and execute fundraising and marketing initiatives including online fundraising campaigns, marketing for sexual harassment training for corporates, and proposal development for specific funding opportunities. We seek a candidate with the ability to both draft compelling messaging and design for communication materials and to support the design and execution of fundraising programming, including backend systems for processing and tracking of donations.

Fundraising efforts will include both online and offline interactions. The person in this role will be expected to provide support for presentations and in-person meetings and events and thus should be able to present professionally and persuasively in verbal communication as well.

This role offers significant opportunities for personal creativity and initiative in establishing the design and plan of a new fundraising program.

This position requires strong writing, communication, and presentation skills as well as an ability to craft strong messaging targeted to a specific audience. We seek a candidate with a background in marketing or communication, with a commitment to social development. Experience in gender is a plus though not required if the candidate can demonstrate ability to craft messaging appropriate for a rights-based organisation working on gender.

Timeframe: Minimum 16 hour per week commitment 4 months of beginning
Reporting: Head of Organisational Development
Compensation: We provide our interns with a modest monthly honorarium.
Application Requirements:

  1. Cover Letter and Resume
  2. Writing Sample (no co-authors) reflecting requirements of job posting
  3. Original answers to the following questions
  1. What do you see as the most important trends in the Indian philanthropic sector and what impact do you believe these trends are having on NGOs. (300 words max)
  2. What is the role that individuals can play in the development of India’s nonprofit sector? (300 words max)
  3. What kind of messaging about violence against women do you think would be most effective for an audience of 1) Indian Individuals, 2) Indian corporates? How would you develop a communication program for these markets? (300 words)

Be prepared to discuss your ideas about designing a giving program during an interview.

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Women Reservation Bill

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