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The Delhi Government has sought to partner with organizations active in the field of gender and women's rights in order to strengthen women's empowerment initiatives. Under this project NGO's have been selected to establish and maintain 'Gender Resource Centre's' (GRC) and 'Suvidha Kendra's' that will act as an inter-face between service providers and the community members. The centres will have a holistic focus and will undertake a range of activities within the community relating to education, health, vocational trainings, and building of legal and social awareness.

Centre for Social Research has been selected to manage one 'Gender Resource Centre' (GRC) in the Usmanpur area of Delhi. The centre was established in March this year and has been providing vocational training in cutting and tailoring; conducting courses in beauty culture and non-formal education; organising legal awareness, health and nutrition and OPD camps, amongst other deliverables which are being provided to the girls and women.

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