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Over the years, CSR has been actively involved in various campaigns and events that promote women's rights and safety. To further our goal of spreading awareness on issues important for women's safety, the team has also attended a number of panels and talks hosted across the country to contribute to the same with their valuable insights. Following are the articles that have been published by various organizations online, and mark the work done by CSR and the team.


Dec 17 Juvenile to walk free, Nirbhaya kin in fear, TOI
Dec 17 Gangrape Victim's mother takes daughter's name in public, The Statesman
Dec 17 It's miscarriage of justice, cry Nirbhaya's parents, The Pioneer
Dec 17 Girl suspected to have been raped and murdered, The Hindu
Dec 17 My daughters's name was Jyoti, The Asian Age
Dec 17 Keeping Nirbhaya in thoughts, Mother names her in public, Mail Today
Dec 17 Three year after not much has changed in Delhi, HT
Dec 17 महिलाओ को नहीं क्रिमिनल को सुरक्षा दे रही सरकार, Rashtriya Sahara
Dec 17 बदला जाए जुवेनाइल कानून, Nav Bharat Times
Dec 17 डर लगता है कही न्याय की आस में उम्र ना बीत जाए, Nai Dunia
Dec 17 निर्भया नहीं, मेरी बेटी का नाम ज्योति है, Desh Bandhu
Dec 17 कही न्याय की आस में उम्र ना बीत जाए, Dainik Jaagran
Dec 17 ज्योति सिंह कहके पुकारे मेरी बेटी को , Amar Ujala
July 16 Self Defense best bet for Women, Bassi says, The Hindu
May 23 ​​लोटस लीडरशिप अवार्ड डा. रंजना को​, शाह टाइम्स
May 22 ​लोटस लीडरशिप अवार्ड की घोषणा, पंजाब केसरी
May 20 Women's rights activist Ranjana Kumari bags Lotus award, One World South Asia
April 9 ​थानो में कुचला जा रहा मानवाधिकार, Amar Ujala
April 9 मरहम लगाने की सीख, Dainik Jaagan
April 9 थानों में उड़ रही मानवाधिकारों की धज्जिया, Hindustan


May 20 CSR to work 'Meri Shakti Meri Beti' campaign in Haryana, Eastarn Chronicle
May 20 Campaign to check Female Foeticide, Deccan Herald
May 20 Meri Shakti Meri Beti in Gurgaon, The Pioneer
May 19 मेरी शक्ति मेरी बेटी योजना की शुरुआत, Hindustan
19 Dec Femlale foeticide still rampant, The Statesman
19 Dec Foeticide rampant in many districts of posh delhi, The Tribune
19 Dec More cases of foeticide in city's post areas: NGO, Deccan Herald
19 Dec दिल्ली एन सी आर में लिंग अनुपात ​ ​में बढ़ोतरी , Dainik Jaagran
Nov 09 जरुरत पड़े तो करे राईट तो रिजेक्ट का प्रयोग: रंजना कुमारी, Dainik Jagran
Nov 09 Activists urge Prez, PM to pass women's bill, The Tribune
Nov 09 Bring in Women's Reservation Bill: Activists, Deccan Hereald
Nov 09 Pass Women's bill in winter season, The Pioneer
Nov 08 महिला आरक्षण विधेयक को अभियान - महिला बिल हो पारित, Amar Ujala - Hindustan
20 July Delhi needs mass campaign for girls, Civil Society
June 21 Phase II of "Meri Shakti Meri Beti" rolled out, The Hindu
June 19 Madhya Pardesh higher than ever in foetous, infant killing, The Indian Express
June 15 NGO steps up efforts to correct sex ratio, Deccan Herald
April 28 Reasons of sexual crime in society, Dainik Jaagran
March 10 Fighting for a Breakthrough
Feb 10 Bring marital rape under criminal law
Feb 6 आधा अधुरा पर असरदार कानून
Jan 10 Delhi plan to arrest uneven sex ratio, The Tribune
Jan 10 Gender discrimination runs deep among SW Delhi residents: Survey, Deccan Herald
Jan 10 Survey reveals rot in backyard of rich, Hindustan Times
Jan 10 South-West Delhi survey highligths people's open prefrence for male child, The Hindu
Jan 10 Newly married to vow against sex test, The Times of India
Jan 10 Sex selective abortion rampant in posh South, Millennium Post


Oct 16 Centre for Social Research protest against Khap decision, The Hindu
May 13 अब राजनीति का पाठ पढेगी महिलाए, Navbharat
May 10 अधिकारों के लिए सजग है महिलाए, Dainik Jagran
May 09 Leadership Programme, The Statesman
May 09 IIM-Banglore-CSR, The Eco of India
April 23 Women Power, Hindustan Times
April 23 Women on Top, Ahmedabad-Mirror
April 23 Arms and the Women, DNA
April 16 Women in Politics, Times of India
April 11 आई आई एम तैयार करेगा महिला नेताओ की "टुकड़ी", Nai Dunia
March 22 Delhities join hands to take female foeticide to head on, Deccan Herald
March 21 जागरूकता के लिए मेरी शक्ति मेरी बेटी, Nai Dunia
March 21 Social Programme to address skewed sex ratio, The Pioneer
March 3 Report on surrogate motherhood released, The Pioneer
March 3 Legal framework for surrogate mothers demanded, The Statesman
March 3 शिकार बन रही है गरीब महिलाए, Parbhat Khabar
March 3 सरओगेट मदर बनने पर हो रही है पति से दूर, Hindustan
March 3 विदेशियो ने बढाई किराए की कोख की 'इ एम आई', Nai Duniya
March 3 Surrogacy turning into a commercial activity, Hindustan Times
February 22 कुपोषण का जेंडर, Rashritya Sahara
February 07 बेटी की शादी पर आय से अधिक खर्च करना उचित नहीं, Punjab Kesari
February 04 दहेज़ निरोधक अधिनियम में संसोधन का महिला संगठनों ने किया स्वागत , राष्ट्रीय सहारा
Jan 25 Putting the Last first, The Times of India

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